Comercial Insurance

Businesses that rent or own property are responsible for that property. Commercial insurance transfers many of the risks associated with that property. Common forms of commercial insurance are similar to types of personal insurance. These include auto insurance, property insurance and liability coverage. If you own and are involved in the day to day affairs of a business you need to make sure the business is protected and your assets are also protected.

Commercial vehicles require commercial insurance. Depending on what types of vehicles the business owns and how many vehicles they own, different types of policies are applicable. If a business owns many vehicles that are essential asset to the daily operation of the company, they will need fleet insurance. Companies that usually require fleet insurance include trucking and transport, taxi and limousine, as well as medical and ambulatory transport companies. An employer, whose employees drive company cars, and sometimes their own vehicle, can use commercial auto insurance to reduce the risk. This can include outside salespeople, executives or pizza delivery drivers. Most personal policies carried by individuals do not cover them when using their vehicle for work purposes, making it necessary for the employer to insure the driver and vehicle.